▲Pyramid Chosen Path BowlingBalls Video Review

Three years in the making. Pyramid™, a brand know for innovation and design, has released their performance bowling balls. With technology as solid as the Pyramids themselves, the Chosen Path incorporates 19.5° sacred geometry with the Golden Ratio and Archimedean Solids. The SG 19.5° core coupled with a GPS Navigational coverstock give this ball an adaptability that is unparalleled on the market today. This ball adapts to your game and the conditions. This ball will change your game and bring it to the next level.

Also this bowling ball offers two firsts in the bowling industry.
1. High Performance available in a color choice. Hot Pink/Lime or Orange/Smoke
2. You choose how you want the ball finished when you order it. Three to choose from.

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bowlingball.com DV8 Misfit Pearl Neon Yellow Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

In the day and age of being different – unique and standing out e.g., Rickie Fowler and his all orange attire, dare to be different and stand out. This ball not only looks amazing but it’s performance will not leave you wanting. Go NEON with the DV8 Misfit Pearl Neon Yellow – stand out and be proud.

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bowlingball.com Brunswick Aura Paranormal Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

This bowling ball may well prove to actually be from the “other side”. At times the carry and movement around the pin deck certainly seems like something else is going on. This is one hook monster and certainly will change the way other bowlers look at you. So when you throw strikes and toss pins around the pin deck like they came out of nowhere, just tell them it was the Brunswick Aura Paranormal and that’s all you know!

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DV8 Brutal Nightmare Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Another spectacular design from Brian Graham and team. As you may already know Brian Graham, who as the Hammer brand manager while with Ebonite crafted the Hammer line into what it is today, has created and designed the every popular DV8 brand into the “Fasting Growing Brand of 2012-13″. How did he do it? By designing bowling balls like this, the Hell Raiser and the Hell Raiser Revenge just to name a few, at a price point that entices buyers. This ball is literally brutal on the pins. Try it and you will find that nothing hits like a DV8 Brutal Nightmare!

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Storm Sync Bowling Ball Video Review by bowlingball.com

One of the most aggressive and reliable bowling balls to come out of Storm since the Virtual Gravity. Always evolving, always innovating, the team at Storm has come out with another great winner with the Storm Sync that will prove itself on the lanes time after time.

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The Storm Fringe Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review by bowlingball.com

The latest fringe technology out of Storm bowling. A close cousin to one of the best bowling balls in the nation right now, the Frantic. Edgy look and feel, strong roll, defined motion, these are a few of the balls bad qualities, you don’t want to know the truth. You can’t handle the truth. Power at a 1/2 the price of other popular balls.
Watch Tony Ruocco, bowlingball.com VP of Operations, Talkbowling.com host and top ball tester rip the racks with this ball.  Also check out Mike “Shot Put” Jones loft this ball anywhere from front to back and side to side of the lane and strike. His idea of accuracy is hitting between the grey boards, raw power.

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Brunswick Nexxus f(P+R) Bowling Ball Review and Bowling Ball Video

If you have been looking for a bowling ball that will be your newest and best go to ball, you just found it. The all new composition of materials used in the cover stock are cutting edge. It is an industry first that was carefully designed by Carmen Salvino and Brian Graham, the driving force behind the Black Widow series of years ago, who combine forces to make a ball that will make you look on in awe.

The Brunswick Nexxus f(P+F) will change how you score. Must have.

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Roto Grip Defiant Bowling Ball Review and Bowling Ball Videos

On a fresh typical house shot (THS) this ball was everything you would want. Even with its 3000 grit Abralon finish the Roto Grip Defiant bowling ball cleared the heads smoothly. It reads the lanes well, not too early and it transitioned perfectly into the middle part of the lane.

Go to http://www.bowlingball.com/products/bowling-balls/RotoGrip/10110/Defiant.html for the full review and all videos.

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DV8 Misfit Green/White Bowling Ball Review and Bowling Ball Videos

Copy and paste the following:

Ball Motion:
Finished with a High Gloss Polish, the Misfit skids front part of the lane to the breakpoint. Changes directions for a strong backend. That’s it, that’s all you need. Now get and kick some butt.

Reaction Setup:
The DV8 Misfit can be drilled symmetric core layout. You just need some holes. Go bowl.

Ball Maintenance:
Wipe it an rip it. Enough said.

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Storm Vivid Bowling Ball Review and Storm Vivid Bowling Ball Video Review

The all new Vivid from Storm is coming soon. Check back for the video.

The is currently selling for and rates a .

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